Competent Person Training

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Upcoming Competent Person Training — Near You

June 19-20 in Macomb, Illinois

June 20-21 in Weston, Wisconsin

Please register to attend or host as soon as possible in order to complete this training by the end of the fiscal year. View registration information for one of the following trainings on

OSHA requires for a Competent Person (CP) to be on-site to help recognize unsafe situations and to make necessary corrections in recognized high hazard areas. OSHA does have jurisdiction of HFH properties if they can establish an Employer/ Employee relationship. If you have one or more persons on payroll, then you have the Employer/ Employee relationship formed. The program offered to you is only the beginning of what’s necessary. However, it’s designed to cover the most serious hazards, according to OSHA and HFH. It is based upon the most common working conditions found at all HFH building sites. OSHA has actually identified 15 high hazard areas which require a Competent Person. However, the Competent Person Training Program offered by HFHI will provide training on four (4) of those areas:

  • Residential Fall Protection
  • Scaffolding (Fabricated Type-Pump Jack Type-Bracket Type)
  • General Jobsite Electrical Safety
  • Stairways & Ladders