Disaster Preparedness for SSOs

As the state support organization (SSO) community has grown in numbers and engagement over time there has been a natural evolution in bringing SSOs into a formal support level with HFHI and individual affiliates. Disaster preparedness has been identified as a part of the continuing evolution of program support for affiliates impacted by natural disasters. Habitat for Humanity is not a relief organization. Its focus in disaster response is on long-term recovery and community development.

Disasters can strike at any time and cause a disruption to the work we do every day in communities around the world, whether we have ample warning or not. It is wise for any organization to have a plan to deal with the unexpected knowing that going through the process of being prepared is just as important as the actual plan. Habitat for Humanity affiliates are required to have and implement policies for retaining their records in a safe and secure place as well as having a functioning board and committees, thereby ensuring some level of business continuity.